Shredex – The New Bale Chopper Series by Vicon


Vicon now introduces the new series of bale choppers – Shredex in both mounted and trailed version. A strong package of features such as unique drum-knife configuration, 2-speed gearbox and swivel or side chute will lighten the work during bedding and feeding.

Mounted Bale Chopper - The Efficient and Simple Solution

The mounted Shredex 852 is designed for working with straw for bedding purposes. Its’ 2m³ chamber offers a fast and easy loading and the specially designed tail gate allows you to carry an extra bale to improve efficiency.

As a mounted version it allows you to be more flexible and manoeuvre easily even in difficult farm places and barn passages. As standard Shredex 852 is equipped with a 1-speed gearbox and side chute which is perfect for both bedding and feeding. As option the Shredex 852 is also available with a 2-speed gearbox and a swivel chute with a rotation of 260° which allows you to position the feed more precisely on long distances.

The working heart of the Shredex 852 is the combination of drum, comb and flywheel – all specifically designed to shred bales of various materials and formats and feed it evenly into the flywheel chamber.


Flywheel for Maximum Performance



For feeding of hay and silage the material is feed via the feed slide directly on to the floor.


For bedding purposes the chute is moved up and down using the control terminal.



Trailed Bale Chopper - The Pro Choice

The Shredex series contains 3 trailed models – 853, 853 Pro and 856 Pro. All models are perfect for both bedding and feeding, yet they all distinguish from each other – making them unique products suited for specific needs. For the Pro version of the trailed bale chopper more attention has been drawn to the user-friendliness to meet the highest demands when it comes to the comfort of the operator.

All trailed bale choppers are equipped with 2-speed gearbox. At lower speed at the flywheel ensures an even flow of silage or hay for feeding, and at high speed a powerful blow for the most efficient distribution during bedding is ensured, leaving the animals at ease with no stress.

The trailed versions in the Shredex series are equipped with a long drawbar and wide angle PTO to provide the best possible manoeuvrability during operation and ensure easier operation, especially when turning with larger tired tractors.

Furthermore they all have the swivel chute, which in combination with the well-known flywheel paddles secures an optimal blowing effect when spreading straw for bedding. Yet the Pro version is equipped with a 3-stage swivelling chute design which offers maximized comfort and is a cost saving solution with less waste and more efficient bedding and feeding. Depending on the conditions of the barn and material can be blown up to 23m, so it is easy to reach the most distant corners.

Another user-friendly feature on the 853 Pro version is the Drum Feed Control System DFCS which is ideal when loading loose material and protecting for blockage of the machine during start. It ensures comfort by blockage free operation and removes another concern from the operator, so he can focus on the more important things.

The Shredex 853 Pro is equipped with a standard remote control which allows you to operate the tail gate and floor chain from the outside of the machine. It is positioned on the left side of the chamber in safe distance from the tail gate. This eliminate the need for getting into the tractor cab during loading of material and makes the loading process fast, safe and easy.


Easy shifting from bedding to feeding on the 2-speed gearbox.


Operating both tailgate as well as floor chain in a safe distance from the moving parts by using the remote control placed on the side of the Shredex 853 Pro (Option 856 Pro).



Vicon Shredex Bale chopper – Specifications in Brief:


 Shredex 852

 Shredex 853

 Shredex 853  Pro

 Shredex 856  Pro

 Cubic Volume (m³)





 Gearbox  Specification











 Metering System

 Single Drum

 Single Drum

 Single Drum


 Blowing Distance*  (m)

 Up to 20

 Up to 23

 Up to 23

 Up to 23

 * Depending on barn-specific conditions and material.