Second prestigious award for Yogesh Mahansaria of Alliance Tire Group for 2014


“Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2014” recognises visions and achievements of Mahansaria in the ‘Manufacturing category’

Yogesh Mahansaria, founder and CEO of Alliance Tire Group, received the “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2014” in the ‘Manufacturing category’ in Mumbai in February. Awarded for the 16th time in India this year, the distinction is considered the world’s most prestigious business award. The prize encourages entrepreneurial activity and recognises the contribution of people who inspire others with their visions and achievements. It distinguishes leading business personalities, recognising them through awards programmes in more than 145 cities in 60 countries, thus covering about 94% of global economy.

The E&Y award was the second award for Yogesh Mahansaria in a short period of time since it followed the Forbes India ‘NextGen Entrepreneur for the Year’ award in October 2014.

Strategic approach with a clear focus on benefits for end users Yogesh Mahansaria pursues clear objectives: “We want to be one of the top global market leaders in the segments of agriculture, forestry and construction tires and also build a strong presence in niche earth-moving segments. To continue on our successful path towards these objectives, we must deliver superior quality to the end users of our products through lowest cost of ownership. Our focus on innovation, technology and cost efficient production is as important as the clear communication with the end user”, he says.