PROVITA LE for a quick, safe transition to rumination Performance, efficiency and safety in calf rearing


Promoting the positive development of the intestinal flora is essential for successful calf rearing. Harmful microbes in the digestive tract have a negative impact on the intestinal flora, as they impair beneficial intestinal bacteria and thus the absorption of nutrients through the intestinal walls. The use of probiotics suppresses the development of undesirable harmful microbes in the digestive tract and promotes intestinal health.

PROVITA LE, a probiotic developed by SCHAUMANN, has a long track record of successful use in calf rearing. PROVITA LE comprises two lactic acid bacteria strains specially selected for calves, which form an active protective shield against harmful, undesirable microbes in the digestive tract.

Recent studies conducted at Bingen University of Applied Sciences have confirmed farmers’ positive practical experiences. Male Fleckvieh calves (aged 14-21 days at the date of entry) were divided into an intervention and a control group and fed an identical milk replacer over a period of seven weeks, with the replacer in the intervention group being enriched with PROVITA LE.

At the end of the study period, the daily weight gain of the calves in the intervention group was found to be 90 g higher than in the control group, due to their better intake of dry feed both during and after the milk feeding period. At the same time, energy requirements were reduced by 8%, and diarrhoea rates were lower.

PROVITA LE forms an important component of all SCHAUMANN milk replacers for calf rearing. Higher performance and improved safety are fundamental requirements for profitable dairy production and bull fattening.

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