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Worldwide News 2022.05.10.

Precise guidance for everyone

The Steketee EC-Steer parallel steering frame from LEMKEN turns unsteered hoeing machines from popular manufacturers into implements with joystick or even camera steering. It is a simple option for farmers who want to upgrade their existing hoeing technology or switch between systems.

Worldwide News 2022.05.06.

Strong increase in EU agri-food trade reported in beginning of 2022

The total value of EU agri-food trade reached a value of €28.3 billion in January 2022, a 25% increase compared to the same period last year and a 16% increase on the three-year average. Exports reached €15.8 billion, while imports were valued at €12.5 billion, representing increases of 16% and 38% respectively.

Worldwide News 2022.05.06.

"LA DATCHA TEREMOK" or the art of resilience

Kateryna KIRT, born in Russia and Ukrainian, and Laurent Bellec live in Brittany in Pommerit Le Vicomte (near Guingamp in FRANCE). They created the association "LA DATCHA TEREMOK" following the repatriation of Kateryna's family to Brittany.

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