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Worldwide News 2012.03.26.

Organic Marketing Forum 2012

The 7th International Meeting on Marketing of Organic Food and Non-Food Products and Raw Materials will take place from 7th to 9th May 2012 in Warsaw. The program offers varied presentations by experts and market leaders and a new study on the organic markets of 14 Central- and Eastern European Countries. With the subject “Transparency and Credibility as selling points to customers” the organiser EkoConnect invites processors, traders, retailers and farmers to meet new partners as well as to discuss recent strategies and organic trends. The registration is open until 15th of April 2012.

Worldwide News 2012.03.26.

Monsanto grows its English language proficiency with EF Education First

Boston, USA, 23 March 2012- EF Education First, the leading corporate language training provider, announced today that it has been chosen as the sole language training supplier for Monsanto, a Fortune 500 multinational agricultural company. Monsanto has operations in over 65 countries, so a single language of communication is imperative for efficient global operations. In choosing EF as a single language training provider Monsanto aims to achieve a uniform standard of English proficiency company-wide while reducing training costs for a higher return on their investment.

Worldwide News 2012.03.19.

Paint line installed at HARDI Inc. facilities in Davenport - USA

The new installed paint line in Davenport will help HARDI North America be more flexible to customer requirements, improving lead times with all suppliers. Additionally, painting right before requirement by production, will reduce the need for paint repair that is currently needed on many parts due to shipping and handling damage.

Worldwide News 2012.03.13.

Europe needs to use water more efficiently

Europe needs to redouble efforts in using water more efficiently to avoid undermining its economy, according to a new report from the European Environment Agency (EEA). Inefficient water use impacts hard on the resources needed by ecosystems and people, both vital assets for European productivity and security.

Worldwide News 2012.02.29.

Gardening machinery: on the decline in 2011

The balance sheet for the year shows an overall decline in sales at 4.8% with especially negative trends for mowers, brush cutters and professional greenskeeping machines. Comagarden President Roberto Peruzzo commented, “The unusual trend of the weather reduced demand for machines but it was the economic crisis, in the second half of the year, which caused the drastic drop in acquisitions. EIMA Green 2012 will provide an occasion for monitoring the market and recovery”

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