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Worldwide News 2014.07.25.

Are biogas plants profitable?

Biogas plants are beneficial for agriculture, environment and consumers of heat and electricity.  It is perfectly acknowledged by the Germans who have been investing in such installations for over a decade now. Poland, as the third biggest agricultural area in European Union, has almost perfect raw material base for biogas production. And though this fuel gets increasingly important in our energy system, the industry still faces multiple obstacles which effectively slow down its development.

Worldwide News 2014.07.17.

Piglet Feeding Gaining E-Mobility

During piglet raising, the foundation is laid for an optimal fattening and carcass performance of the fattening pigs. Accordingly, the energy and nutrient requirements of the animals should already shortly after birth be supplemented by a regular distribution of  small feed rations. 

Worldwide News 2014.07.15.

Science for Environment Policy - Halving EU meat and dairy consumption yields lower pollution and land use, and better health

Halving meat and dairy consumption in Europe could reduce agricultural greenhouse-gas emissions by up to 42% and nitrogen pollution by 40%, new research suggests. The amount of land needed to grow food for each EU citizen would fall from 0.23 to 0.17 hectares and the reduced intake of saturated fats and red meat could have substantial health benefits, the researchers conclude.

Worldwide News 2014.07.15.

Agrifuture Days 2014: The role of Family Farming

The AgriFuture Days 2014, which took place from June 16th to 18th in Villach, Austria, are devoted to important role of family farming, as 2014 has been declared as the the International Year of Family Farming by the United Nations General Assembly.

Worldwide News 2014.07.15.

Commission to recover €57 million of CAP expenditure from the Member States

A total of €57 million of EU agricultural policy funds, unduly spent by Member States, is being claimed back by the European Commission today under the so-called clearance of accounts procedure. However, because some of these amounts have already been recovered from the Member States the financial impact of today's decision will be some €52 million.

Worldwide News 2014.07.15.

Call for experts for EIP-AGRI Focus Groups on sustainable farming

Brussels, 9 July 2014 - The European Commission is launching a call for experts such as farmers, advisers and scientists for three new EIP-AGRI Focus Groups: optimising the profitability of crop production through ecological focus areas, innovative short food supply chain management and integrated pest management practices for soil- borne diseases suppression in arable crops, both in greenhouse and open field. The Focus Groups will deliver recommendations for practical solutions and actions within their fields and will start work in November or December 2014. They are expected to present their results and recommendations within 12 to 18 months. The call will be open until 8 September 2014.

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