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Worldwide News 2021.10.25.

Trailed Bale Trailer – Wago TR

After taking over the Leboulch company (French manufacturer of agricultural tipping trailers, muck spreaders and bale trailers) in 2012, JOSKIN decided to rethink the development of the Leboulch bale trailers in order to add them to its own range. The objective is simple: to use the experience of the Leboulch brand, but also JOSKIN’s technique and technological progress, to create an improved bale trailer adapted to the market needs.

Worldwide News 2021.10.21.

How changing climates are affecting global fruit production

Climate change has been affecting many different regions around the globe for decades, and the shift in weather is impacting fruit production. Areas that are being impacted most severely have historically seen significant effects from climate change. However, there are other areas also being affected, such as the northwestern United States and Western Canada with this year’s unprecedented heat. There have also been severe wildfires in many regions, threatening entire fields of crops.

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