New web page: EU agriculture and the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU


As part of the European Commission's preparations for Brexit, a new web page detailing the preparedness work and supportsavailable for farmers and agrifood operators has been launched!


In the absence of a withdrawal agreement, which would put in place a transition period until the end of 2020 (with the possibility of an extension foreseen in the withdrawal agreement), the UK will become a third country as of 30 March 2019.

Work to prepare for the withdrawal of the UK has been ongoing. The EU remains focused on protecting the agriculture and farming interests of EU citizens.

An ad hoc meeting, "Stock taking of civil dialogue groups", gathering all organisations represented in the civil dialogue groups, as well as each of their chairpersons, was convened on 1 February 2019 to present and discuss issues relevant for the agri-food sector concerning Brexit preparedness and contingency.

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