New quick coupling system revolutionizes work processes in agriculture


Gangl Docking Systems offers comfort and additional safety when working with attachments.


Farmers around the world couple tractors and attachments a million times every day. Every time they do that, they lose time and expose themselves to risks. In Austria alone, some 13 per cent of all tractor accidents occur when coupling and decoupling attachments. The innovation of Johann Gangl, a Styrian farmer, can change that: In future, it will be easy and straightforward to couple equipment and tractors from the cabin using the Gangl Docking Systems (GDS).




The idea behind the quick coupling system just introduced for the first time is as simple as it is ingenious: It involves interacting modules at the front or the back of the tractor and on the machine, precisely adapted to each other. This allows them to connect automatically and be immediately ready for operation. How long does the coupling process last? Not even 6 seconds. „Although the coupling of attachments is such an important process, it is still being carried out like in the stone ages“, says farmer and inventor Johann Gangl, who conceived the idea for such an automatic coupling system back in 2001 and gradually developed it to a marketable product.

Gangl’s innovation was perfected in cooperation with investor Josef Schober, who founded Gangl Docking Systems (GDS) in February 2012: „Initially, Johann Gangl developed the quick coupling system for his own alpine farm in Passail, Styria, because no suitable system was available for his new tractor back in 2001.“ Little by little, his innovation found admirers in the region, and Gangl was able to sell a few units. Thanks to the new distribution channels, the concept is now applied in Austria, Germany, Hungary, and New Zealand. As a result of the investor involvement, it is expected that some 1,000 units will be sold until the end of December of this year. „In France, we have a test operation that has been working with this system for years. Those who tried our GDS3 once never want to do without it again.“




The three-point triangle!

In principle, the GDS 3 is made up of two elements: The main triangle module – based on the three-point system - is assembled to the traction engine. This allows for easy coupling even on uneven surfaces. All essential connections between the tractor and the attachment are mounted here: Both the mechanical and hydraulic connections, as well as the drive shaft are coupled automatically without the need for the driver to leave the cabin. The farmer only needs to move the tractor to the attachment and hydraulically lift the basic unit.

The equally triangular coupling module, which is measured by Gangl and adapted to the working equipment, serves as a counterpiece. „Our system can be adapted without any retrofitting to any tractor and attachment regardless of its age“, explains Alexander Lechner, Commercial Representative and Chief Operating Officer of GDS GmbH. An unlimited number of equipment modules can be purchased for each basic module. The entire system is made of high-quality standard steel from Austria and sealed using the resistant GDS coating. The GDS 3 can accommodate all drawn and mounted machines. The system was designed for all loads and forces: „We intend to be successful not only in agriculture, but also in municipal services, for example in the assembling of snow ploughs.“ Depending on the desired use, customers can choose from different configurations. Those who opt first for the basic configuration can expand their system anytime, e.g. with a drive shaft holder.



Johann Gangl, Inventor and Farmer with Josef Schober and Alexander Lechner from Gangl Docking Systems (from the left)



„The advantages of quick coupling at such speed and safety are self-evident. The short engine operation, however, also reduces the impact on the environment. After all, customers are saving ready cash with our system“, says Lechner. Based on the current diesel price, an hourly rate of 20 Euros and a fuel consumption of 10 l/h, it is possible to save more than 4,000 Euros per year at 5 conversion processes per day. As a result, an investment in the basic module and some equipment modules would be amortized within just one year. As the Styrian agricultural pioneers proudly point out, „we offer a savings calculator on our website, in which farmers can define their own parameters and determine how much they can actually save in their farming business“, a proof that Gangl Docking Systems puts a major focus on customer orientation.


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