Mixers for elevated tanks: type HEM 6 and Super HEM 6


A special mixer for really large tanks.

The mixing principle corresponds to the standard mixer type HEM-6. The mixer nozzle can be pivoted through 360° from the exterior.

The special characteristic of HEM-6 mixers is that it does not require an external foundation and the rotation is adjusted via the mixer tube. All axial forces are absorbed by the four stands into which the mixer is guided.

 Technical data  HEM6  Super HEM6
 Compact pusher propeller  Ø 560 mm  Ø 850 mm
 Mixer nozzle set to 45°  Ø 600 mm  Ø 920 mm
 Mixer tube in 4.200 mm construction length  Ø 101,6 mm  Ø 168,3 mm
 Ball bearing supported modular shafts in the oil  bad  Ø 35 mm  Ø 45 mm
 Power take-off shaft  1⅜ inches DIN  9611  1¾ inches DIN  9611
 Low-wear mechanical seal SiC/SiC for long  service life  yes  yes
 Submersible compensator  30 m  30 m
 Installation in ground slope possible  up to 20°  up to 20°
 Galvanised version  Yes  Yes
 Required tractor power  more than 60 kW  more than 200 kW
 Drive-shaft rotation up to  1000/min.  1000/min.
 Tank diameter (recommendation)  no restriction  from 25 m
 Tank height (recommendation)  no restriction  from 6 m
 Driven by electric aggregate  up to max. 50kW  no
 Electrical adjustment  no restriction  no
 Wetted materials in stainless steal  optional  optional