Mid-size professional solutions: The new loader wagons Fendt Tigo MS, MR and MR Profi


After the successful introduction of the Fendt combi machines Tigo PR and XR in 2017, now we have loading wagons for the mid-size range, so medium to large companies can also benefit from the professional solutions of Fendt Tigo models.


Better feed quality

All three model series are equipped with an automated pick-up. They run quietly and provide an even crop flow even at high speeds. The hitch of the 1.80 m wide pivot pick-up results in an excellent ground adjustment even over cropped terrain. Five rows of tines for clean raking. All models are equipped with a tine-loss safety device to stop tines entering the feed and causing damage to the animal or machine.

Since the pick-up is not only automated but also fully hot-dip galvanised, all three model series are sure to last longer and maintenance-free.

An additional roller protects the pick-up and prevents the tines from piercing the ground by guiding the pick-up no matter how uneven or wet the ground is. The result: The best forage quality because soil and dirt can't get into the feed.

The Trimatic system

For a continuously high cut quality, all three model series are fitted with the spring-based tripping system, Trimatic. The single knife guard protects the blade and rotor against potential foreign bodies. If the rotor pushes a foreign object onto the knife, the spring buckles and immediately reduces the force onto the knife. This tension automatically returns the knife to its operating position after the foreign body has passed through.

The scraper floor solution

On the smaller model series, 2 scraper floor chains, with a breaking load of 25 t, help the precise loading and unloading of the feed. The larger model series, including the Tigo MR Pro and all models from the Tigo MS 60 up, are equipped with 4 chains with a breaking load of 50 t and positioned rails. On all model series, the scraper floor itself consists of pressure-treated wood. When the loading space is completely full, the scraper floor automatically stops and the driver receives a signal to prevent possible damage. All three loading wagons can also be equipped with 2 or 3 dispensing rollers.

In combination with the dispensing rollers, you can also choose to purchase a hydraulically driven cross conveyor belt to directly carry the feed. The 700 mm wide conveyor belt can eject both to the left and to the right and be folded back down for normal use.

The spur gear drive

Like its predecessors, the new Fendt Tigo models also use a spur gear drive. Without the old chain drive, maintenance is reduced and there is no longer the risk of the feed being contaminated by chain lubrication. Even at higher performance rates, this drive system ensures a comfortable and quiet drive.

Ease of use and driving experience

All loader wagon functions can be controlled via ISOBUS on the Fendt terminal or on the loading wagon terminal. All three model series also have an interconnected tandem suspension. This high suspension ensures a uniform load distribution and a better road positioning and ground adjustment, even under heavy loads and difficult ground conditions. An optional rear axle can be locked automatically with Isobus control when the set speed is reached or when the drive is reversed.


The new Tigo MS loading wagon

Loader unit

This high-capacity wagon with comb bars is equipped with a loading unit that's gentle to the forage. With the kidney-shaped cam track of the comb bar, the individual rakes are pulled straight back out of the feed stock. This prevents the feed from being taken with the rake towards the scrapers and being crushed. Also ensuring a gentle transport into the loading space is the fork effect, which loads feed loosely and in layers. The new Tigo MS stands out with its full rocking of the loader wagon as it works quietly while the forage is evenly loaded and cut with precision. Low maintenance and longevity of the loader unit are shown in features such as the individual bearings for the conveyor rotors and the central lubrication for the individual rakes as standard. The loader unit is driven by a spur gear drive, also known for its steady and quiet running even under loads that vary or are particularly heavy.

Cutting quality

All Tigo MS models are equipped with a main cutting frame with 17 blades, and you can opt to add a silage package with a further 16 blades. The blades can cut up to 38 mm and their shape results in a long and shearing cut. If a blade needs replacing, just swivel the blades downwards. For heavier maintenance work, the knife bar can also be driven out on optional transport wheels. The double prongs of the conveyor keep the cutting gap so small that cutting quality is even better.

Automatic loading

The Tigo MS can also be equipped with a two-stage automatic loading mechanism for improved loading of the trailer space. Use the automatic loading system to add light pressure to the rakes or medium to firm pressure to the wall of the automatic loading mechanism. The automatic loading mechanism pushes the feed from the bottom all the way to the top until the space is filled up. As soon as the loading area is full, the scraper floor is automatically activated. When the loading space is completely full, the scraper floor automatically stops and the driver receives a signal.


All the features at a glance:

  • Automated and swinging pick-up
  • Gentle loader unit with comb bar
  • Lubricating strips as standard for conveyor rotors
  • Quiet and stable spur gear
  • 2 rows of up to 33 blades with a possible cutting length of 38 mm
  • Trimatic single blade protection
  • ISOBUS control
  • Optional automatic loading mechanism

The new Tigo MR and MR Profi

Pick-up power and feed protection

The new loader wagons Tigo MR and MR Profi are characterised by a maintenance-friendly rotor with hardened and individually interchangeable rotor segments. The rotor tines with a contact surface of 25 mm have a large conveyor surface. As they pull out of the feed at a 90° angle, they help protect the feed. The coordinated interaction between pick-up and rotor also provides a gentle handling. This keeps the distance from pick-up to the rotor so short that crop flow is improved even further. The feed is also protected by the aligned and synchronised speed of pick-up and rotor. The standard spur drive also means lower power requirements and a smooth run. The rotor is particularly easy to maintain thanks to its design that means all rotor segments are individually removable and interchangeable.

Cutting quality

Both model series have 31 blades with a potential cutting length of 45 mm. Wide rotor tines provide a particularly small cutting gap. The result: the feed can't escape but is actively pushed through the blade and cut precisely by the rotor tines. To change the cutting unit, the blade bar can be swivelled out to the side without the need for tools.


Loading technology

Like the Tigo MS models, you can also opt to equip your MR model with a two-stage automatic loading system, giving you light and medium to firm pressing options. Owners of MR Profis can enjoy all the benefits of VarioFill and the cowl. As with predecessor models, the 80° multi-functional cowl allows an additional loading space of 5m3. Because of the weight saved by the compact design, the Tigo MR Profi is characterised by a higher payload. The VarioFill automatic loading and unloading system means you can apply the right pressure and make full use of the loading space, and clean and efficient emptying when unloading.

All the features at a glance:

  • Automated and swinging pick-up
  • Individually interchangeable rotor segments
  • Small distance between pick-up and rotor
  • 31 blades with a potential cutting length of 45 mm
  • Trimatic single blade protection
  • Small cutting gap for better cutting quality
  • ISOBUS control
  • Optional automatic loading mechanism (MR)
  • 80° multi-functional moving cowl (MR Profi)
  • VarioFill (MR Profi)

The new features of the Fendt Tigo PR and XR combined machines

The two combination machines Tigo PR and XR have already proved their worth on the field, but now there's a professional class of these loading and chopping wagons, with new equipment features. The wagons can be ordered as of Fendt Field Day in Wadenbrunn.

Efficient and powerful

To even better meet the demands of professional, large companies and contractors, the new models Fendt Tigo PR and XR now have an even wider pick-up. The new working width ranges from 2.00 m for PR models up to 2.20 m for XR models (values as per DIN). The larger width means more material can be picked up and make it easier to drive into the swath. The wide pick-up ensures more efficiency and speed on bends. The new hydraulic drive also allows for greater flexibility with the speed of the pick-up adapting to the crop and condition.

Unloading time

The protection of the dosing roller drive has been increased to 1,700 Nm for both model series, this speeds up the unloading process, and the wagon can get back to the field faster.

Blade sharpening equipment

Customers now have the option to purchase the new blade sharpener, FlexSharp. This device lets you sharpen the knives in the loader wagon itself, so you no longer have to remove individual blades and grind them by hand. Because the series of holes for the sharpener is flexible and because it is separate from the loading wagon, you can also use the device for knives from different machines in your fleet and for round baler knives from Fendt.

Main drive

All Fendt Tigo XR models equipped with the wide pick-up will benefit from an even more powerful drive in the future. The protection of the main drive was increased to 3,000 Nm, expected to boost performance by up to 20%.

Another professional

The Fendt Tigo XR model series will be extended by a 3-axle machine in the future. The new Tigo XR 90 offers a balance between the already available models Tigo XR 75 and Tigo XR 100 with a loading volume of 50 m3 (as per DIN).