Increase of European import duties on brown rice


With ‘husked’ or brown rice (non-basmati) imports having reached higher levels in the first six months of this marketing year, the import duty in the European Union was updated to €65 per tonne as of today.


In accordance with international agreements, rice import duties in the EU are reviewed twice a year, on 1 March and 1 September. By 28 February 2019, due to increased demand, the imports of husked rice had reached more than 264,000 tonnes since September 2018, leading to an increase in import duties. This import duty had not changed since the March 2012 review.

The legislation in place highlights that if the level of imports for husked rice in the first six months of the marketing year is below 191,113 tonnes, the duty should be fixed at €30 per tonne which was the case until today’s decision. When it exceeds 191,113 tonnes, but is not higher than 224,839 tonnes, the duty should be fixed at €42.5 per tonne. Finally, which applies in this case, if it exceeds 258,565 tonnes, the duty needs to be set at €65 per tonne.

Import duties of €65 per tonne are now fixed until the next review, which will be on 1 September 2019. In the meanwhile, the European Commission is monitoring the market closely.