High cow comfort and durability also for stanchion barns


DeLaval cow mattress proves excellent deformability and elasticity also after permanent tread load – Aggravated conditions in stanchion barns – Highest number of steps ever tested.

The DeLaval cow mattress M40SB overcame a durability test with 500.000 steps of an artificial bovine hoof at 1.000 kg per step and therefor the greatest number of steps for cow mattresses ever tested at the Test Center Technology and Farm Inputs of the DLG (German Agricultural Society) withminor wearout. In a corresponding DLG-FokusTest, the cow mattress reached very good lying comfort values without remaining deformation before and after the permanent tread load.

In stanchion barns, lying surface materials are subjected to notably high stepping stress on a comparatively small area. These conditions put high requirements on the durability of the material.

Additionally, the necessary deformability and elasticity of the material and as a result the lying comfort for the cows have to be preserved for a long time. “This is no easy task for the manufacturer, as high durability and good deformability and elasticity contradict each other generally speaking”, said Dr. Harald Reubold of the DLG Test Center who is responsible for flooring material testing. For this special DLG-FokusTest, the usual testing program for cow mattresses was increased fivefold.

The detailed results of the test can be looked up in the DLG test report 6227F, which is downloadable free of charge at

The DLG-FokusTest

The FokusTest is a DLG usability test intended to allow product differentiation and special highlighting of innovations in machinery and technical products used primarily in agriculture, forestry, horticulture, fruit cultivation and viticulture, as well as in landscape and municipal management. This test focuses on testing a product´s individual qualitative criteria, e.g. fatigue strength, performance, or quality of work. The scope of testing can include criteria from the testing framework of a DLG SignumTest, the DLG´s extensive usability test for technical products, and concludes with the publishing of a test report and the awarding of a test mark.

The DLG FokusTest “Deformability/Elasticity, Permanent Tread Load” includes technical measurements on test stands of the DLG Test Center. The deformability and elasticity were measured and a permanent tread load was applied. The test was based on the DLG Testing Framework for elastic stable flooring, as at April 2010.

The DLG Test Center Technology and Farm Inputs

The DLG Test Center Technology and Farm Inputs in Groß-Umstadt sets the benchmark for tested agricultural technology and farm inputs and is the leading provider of testing and certification services for independent technology tests. With the latest measurement technology and practical testing methods, the DLG’s test engineers carry out testing of both product developments and innovations. As an EU-notified test laboratory with multiple accreditations, the DLG Test Center Technology and Farm Inputs provides farmers and practitioners with important information and decision-making aids, in the form of its recognised technology tests and DLG tests, to assist in the planning of investments in

agricultural technologies and farm inputs.

DLG-approved for Deformability/Elasticity and Permanent Tread Load: DeLaval cow mattress M40SB  for stanchion barns
DLG-approved for Deformability/Elasticity and Permanent Tread Load: DeLaval cow mattress M40SB

for stanchion barns