HARDI FIELD AID BOX - an early start to the 2012 season


The season has started earlier than normal and you should be prepared for spraying. How much do you value your spray window? HARDI has created a handy FieldAid box, with the most commonly required spare parts, and for a small investment, the FieldAid box can keep you going in the field.


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Ref. No.                       Description

75085200                   For NK

75084000                   For MASTER, MEGA and RANGER

75084100                   For NAVIGATOR and COMMANDER

75084200                   For COMMANDER Intelligent


Reduce downtime and get the job done

In the unlikely event of your sprayer breaking down, not having the parts on hand, it can stop your spray job. The HARDI FieldAid box is a collection of handy spare parts, that, after a breakdown, may well get you spraying again.

The parts are packed in a small, strong cardboard box, that is handy enough to have with you in the field. Also included are overhaul kits which can be used for routine maintenance at a later stage.

HARDI FieldAid box is a small investment to keep the important job of timely spray application on target and an aid to keeping you in the field.



The FieldAid box can get us spraying again



Owners: Poul-Erik Brixtofte & Arnie Larsen

Country: Denmark

Sprayer: NAVIGATOR 3000 with 24m EAGLE boom

Crops: Barely, wheat

Sprayed: 1200 ha per year

Two Danish farmers own and use the one sprayer. They farm a total of 215 hectares and use the sprayer for pesticides and fertiliser.

“We don’t have many good spraying days and the extra capacity with our new NAVIGATOR is really good but it’s very important we can spray without long stops. If we have a problem, we don’t want to be chasing parts when we should be spraying” says Poul-Erik Brixtofte. “The FieldAid box is really good and it can get us spraying again” says Poul-Erik.

The HARDI FieldAid box is a collection of handy spare parts that are packed in a small, strong cardboard box, handy enough to have with you in the field. Some of the parts are overhaul kits so they will most likely be used at a later stage.

“We have a dealer up the road that gives us good service but I wouldn’t disturb him at 4.00 in the morning if I can solve the problem myself” says Poul-Erik with a smile!

Poul-Erik says dismantling a part of the sprayer is not difficult and with the FieldAid box in the tractor cab, it gives that extra insurance of getting the job done on time.