Field to table: BKT tells backstage of the agricultural supply chain at the "Salon de l'Agriculture 2023"


BKT has participated in the well-known Paris trade show for the first time to make the public aware of the role that tire manufacturers play within the agricultural supply chain. The Indian multinational has successfully involved more than 13,500 visitors in quizzes, games, and sports challenges, underlining once again its unbeatable ability to team up.


The journey that food makes to arrive comfortably in our homes through the agricultural supply chain is more articulated than you might think. The supply chain itself is very long and complex. In addition to farmers and breeders, it includes many other players we sometimes do not think of even if they play an important role, such as tire manufacturers. During these days, all these players met in Paris at the Salon de l'Agriculture 2023, a main event in the sector that is also open to the public. It is the first time that BKT has been on board.


The aim of BKT's new exhibition experience was primarily to highlight how tires are excellent allies of farmers and breeders. Tires, indeed, help to make their job on machinery safer and more comfortable. On the other hand, they help protect the soil from compaction and organic depletion. The reduced soil compaction obtained through BKT tires turns into a better crop quality. This result also in a benefit to the end user who can consume first-quality farming products.