EIMA Components: at the heart of technology


The specialized components salon set in the framework of the great Bologna exposition is presenting as many as 768 exhibiting industries arriving from all parts of the world. Taking part is a large number of highly qualified Italian companies at work in the sector with top level technologies. Comacomp President Alessandro Malavolti refers to components as the pivotal sector for innovations.



The components sector will show off the largest number of exhibiting industries in the setting of the EIMA International exposition coming up in Bologna for a run from November 7 to 11. The specialized EIMA Components Salon taking over an area of 20,000 m² in pavilions 15, 18, 20, 21/22 and 26 in the trade fair quarters is bringing together as many as 768 companies in the sector, out of a total of 1,750 exhibiting industries, and the participation of 289 companies arriving from abroad will mark an especially strong foreign representation. The wide range of components presented, more than 350 items, will extend from axles to accessories for cabs, tires to sensors for the electronic control of operations and from brake systems, cab air conditioning and irrigation systems to onboard computers. The largest number of components manufacturers exhibiting are coming from Western European, led by Italy with 479, following by 29 from Spain, 26 from Germany and 23 from France. Among the other significant numbers are those from the Far East with China sending 39 companies and India represented by 20 industries. Among foreign manufacturers, Turkey will account for the largest group with 54 companies exhibiting at EIMA International.

The president of Comacomp, the Italian association which represents component manufacturers within FederUnacoma, Alessandro Malavolti, commented, “Out industries are facing highly skilled competition even though our country has reached the highest levels of quality production and capacities for innovation and can vaunt a standing of great prestige on the international markets.”

Components manufacturers are distributed throughout all the Italian regions but in some there are especially significant concentrations of these specialized companies. This state of affairs will be reflected in the EIMA Components Salon which will host as many as 85 companies from the Reggio Emilia, 42 from Modena, 40 from Bologna and many others from the industrial districts around Brescia, Milan and Mantua.

“Our displays of components will be an appointment for refined palates because on offer will be a selection of technologies for adding decisive improvements to the overall performance and quality of machinery. Very often in mechanics the parts which are not visible are the most important and electronic applications are taking on increasing value, those capable of making a machine more and more reliable, intelligent and sensitive as regards the safety of the operator and respect for the environment,” Malavolti declared.