Conference "2024 prospects for EU agricultural markets"


This conference presented an opportunity for a broad exchange of views on the market outlook, including the uncertainties surrounding market developments in the next ten years.

The European Commission´s Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development presented its latest projections for crop, milk and meat markets in the EU for the next ten years.

Leading experts from international organisations also presented their views.

The conference concluded with a panel discussion involving representatives from OECD, FAO, USDA and the European Commission on the main challenges for agriculture and food for the next decade.

Around two hundred stakeholders took part in the conference. They represented governments, the actors of the food chain, civil society, EU institutions, market experts, academics and think tanks.


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Medium-term prospects for EU agricultural markets and income 2014-2024

This report presents the medium-term outlook for the major EU agricultural commodity markets and agricultural income to 2024, based on a set of coherent macroeconomic assumptions deemed most plausible at the time of the analysis. These projections assume also a continuation of current agricultural and trade policies.

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