Besides the two new models, new sizes are planned for this special tire for forklifts, including the non-marking compound which leaves no trace.


Two new models are coming for MAGLIFT, the BKT tire specifically designed for forklifts. They are the MAGLIFT ECO and the MAGLIFT PREMIUM.

MAGLIFT ECO is made with two layers of rubber compound and has a special shape and very wide lugs to guarantee outstanding stability and excellent load distribution. Among its distinctive features there is also the particular rim guard designed to protect it against damage and denting. Low rolling resistance and high resistance to overheating guarantee maximum efficiency. Completing the picture are the steel wires incorporated into the hitch which offer very secure grip and prevent any risk of slippage. There are two versions available, standard and “LIP” i.e. with an asymmetric hitch to avoid having to add flanges.




MAGLIFT PREMIUM has instead been designed for forklifts used for the toughest operations and comes with an extra deep tread to guarantee a long life cycle. The design of the tread is both robust and aggressive, enabling operators to count on excellent steering control and great forward and lateral traction. The central grooving of the tread ensures low rolling resistance. Available in both standard and “LIP” versions.




All the MAGLIFT models have in common excellent load distribution, stability, safety and high load capacity, essential characteristics for a tire for forklifts, vehicles which carry out very delicate operations to move heavy goods.

Also of fundamental importance is the compound used in these products which BKT has made resistant in particular to wear and tear and to cuts and, in addition, in order to guarantee operators' comfort, a softer compound, offering a very comfortable drive, has been included in the central part of the tire section.

Again as regards the compound, there is also the non-marking version of MAGLIFT which does not leave any traces, thus ensuring flooring is left perfectly clean. It is specifically for logistical and production facilities in the food and pharmaceutical sectors where maximum hygiene is necessary, but where all the other key characteristics of MAGLIFT are also needed. Thanks to the latest additions, the MAGLIFT range is now available in 23 different sizes.