ATG at Agritechnica 2015 (en)


New VF tire for sprayers | New IF tire for combine harvesters, tractors and large self-propelled liquid manure spreaders & tankers

ATG, a leading Off-Highway Tire (OHT) manufacturer, announced launches of various new products under its flotation & agri-transport category to further strengthen its leadership in the OHT segment. These product innovations include the VF (Very High Flexion) tire in the popular 380 tread design. In addition to the 380 VF in size 650/55R26.5VF that was introduced at SIMA 2015, ATG now also introduces the new size 24R20.5 in 390MPT and 392 MPT tires. With the new size, Alliance enhances its all steel high speed flotation radial portfolio for agricultural trailers. Commenting on the new products, Yogesh Mahansaria, CEO of ATG, stated: “With its leadership position in the flotation radial tire category, Alliance is geared to meeting the changing trends and growing requirements of the agri-transport segment. We thus introduced three key sizes which will contribute to the ever increasing performance that is expected from agricultural machines.”

@ Agritechnica 2015

ATG will showcase its new VF tire for sprayers, the Alliance 354 AGRIFLEX+. For the tractor and combine harvester category, the new IF tire Alliance 376 MULTISTAR IF and the large volume tire 378 AgriStar XL will be on display. The flotation & agri-transport category will be represented by Alliance 380VF, 390MPT flotation radial tires, and the new 885 Flotation Radial in rim size 26.5 inches.


354 AGRIFLEX VF (Very High Flexion) - VF480/95R50

AGRIFLEX 354 on a Sprayer
AGRIFLEX 354 on a Sprayer

The new 354 AGRIFLEX+ VF series was primarily developed for large capacity self-propelled sprayers and row crop tractors. These tires are characterised by their R-1W directional lug that was specifically designed to provide excellent grip on soft surfaces. 354 AGRIFLEX+ tires offer longer tread life, higher comfort, and lower rolling resistance during road transport when compared to standard radial tires. The larger footprint also provides effective traction and minimises soil compaction. The steel belted carcass structure ensures uniform ground pressure distribution whilst providing outstanding puncture protection.

354 AGRIFLEX+ has a ‘D’ speed rating and is approved for road speeds as high as 65kph. This is ideal for modern high capacity, high speed self-propelled sprayers of large farms or contractors which often have to cover long distances between fields and supply facilities. “These tires allow for higher tire deflection and enable farmers and contractors to increase their productivity whilst lowering operating costs. The tires can either carry 40% more load with the same air pressure as conventional radials or require 40% lower inflation pressure for the same load capacity”, says Dr. George Ronai from ATG’s R&D team.

376 MULTI STAR IF (Improved Flexion) tires – IF 1050/50R32


The new 376 MULTI STAR IF series tires were primarily developed for combine harvesters as well as either self-propelled or towed large capacity liquid manure spreaders (LMS) and tankers. These tires are characterised by the R-1 directional lug which was designed to provide excellent grip on soft surfaces. When compared to standard radial tires, the 376 MULTI STAR clearly offers higher comfort and lower rolling resistance.

The extra large footprint also provides effective traction and minimises soil compaction. The steel belted carcass structure ensures a uniform ground pressure distribution and provides outstanding puncture protection at the same time. These qualities are ideal for modern heavy and large capacity vehicles such as self-propelled LMS and tankers. “These tires can either carry 20% more load with the same air pressure as conventional radials or require 20% lower inflation pressure for the same load capacity. That is particularly beneficial as reducing tire pressure lowers the risk of soil compaction. In addition, these tires offer increased traction and reduced wheel slip, which in turn also helps to protect soils”, highlights Dr. Ronai.

378 AGRISTAR XL - 900/60R42


The Alliance AGRISTAR XL large volume series was specifically developed for the application on high HP tractors (180HP & above) and combine harvesters including the option to be also used on big wagons and spreaders. Developed with a clear focus on modern and efficient machines which are used in agriculture today, the high performance AGRISTAR XL is the perfect match. AGRISTAR XL’s specific tread pattern and construction makes the tire particularly suitable for a wide range of applications. The R-1W tread pattern of the 378 AGRISTAR XL also provides high traction and efficient self-cleaning properties in the field.

Steel belts reinforce the strong textile casing of the tire: That guarantees stable tire dimensions which result in a comfortable and smooth ride and excellent puncture protection. The large footprint of the Agristar XL lowers soil compaction whilst the special wear resistant rubber compound used in the tread provides the tire with a longer working life. The 378 AGRISTAR XL is available with the same tread design for different aspect ratios, making it ideal for today’s high HP tractors which use tires of different aspect ratios on front and rear axles to maximise tire volume.

Alliance 380 VF Flotation Radial - VF 650/55R26.5

Alliance 380

The ability to carry large payloads quickly and soil-conserving is one of the key prerequisites for agricultural tires. As pioneer and leader in agri-transport flotation radial tires, ATG’s Alliance brand therefore has a large portfolio of tires for agricultural transport and other uses. One of the innovative products presented in 2015, the 380 VF pattern in size 650/55R26.5, can either carry up to 40% more load compared to its standard flotation variant with the same air pressure or the same load with a 30% lower inflation pressure, which in turn allows for markedly better soil conservation. The 380VF offers a 25% larger footprint when compared to its conventional radial variant, thus causing significantly lower soil compaction. This tire was developed for agricultural transport vehicles: for exceptional flotation, low ground pressure, and minimum soil compaction.

Alliance 390 MPT - 24R20.5

Alliance 390 MPT

The popular design Alliance 390 is now available in the size 24R20.5 MPT. The 390 MPT is a heavy duty all steel radial flotation tire for high-speed trailers. The block type tread design in combination with the wide tread and the large inner volume allow for exceptional flotation capabilities and reduced soil compaction. These tires are ideal for Off Highway agri-transport, and the evenly spaced, deliberate tread design offers outstanding self-cleaning properties.

885 Flotation Radial

Alliance 885

The 885 Flotation Radial is a new generation radial flotation tire engineered for use on balers, grain wagons, cultivators, fast moving small agricultural trailers, wagons and trailers etc. Characterised by higher load capacity and working speeds, these tires also offer superior distribution of pressure on the soil surface. The high crown radius provides a maximum footprint area which adds to the flotation characteristics. For road transport, the large lug contact area at the tire centre line allows for a smooth and comfortable drive. On pasture and turf, the tire’s rounded shoulders cause least possible damage to soil and plants. Low wear tread compounds and lower rolling resistance characterise the 885 Flotation Radial which also allows for enhanced fuel efficiency. A strong bead bundle, with an extra thick reinforced sidewall and a high turn up of plies around the bead ensure excellent stability and protection against external damage. Similar to other flotation radials on offer from Alliance the 885 is steel belted too.

Angelo Noronha, the head of sales for Europe at ATG says “Agritechnica is an important show for us. Being the largest show of its kind, it provides us with the right platform to showcase our new products and technology that we offer to the end user and OEMs”. He adds “Europe is a very important market for us and we believe we can offer the right product mix to grow in the market, both in the aftermarket and with OEMs”.

“Alliance Tire Group is investing tremendous resources and efforts in research and development in order to provide the market with the very best and latest in Off Highway Tire technology. The launch of IF and VF tires as well as large volume tires in recent times is a testimony to the effort. We realise that agricultural machinery such sprayers, tractors, combine harvesters, self-propelled tankers and spreaders of liquid manure are evolving rapidly to further enhance overall productivity. As this segment will see further significant growth in the years to come, ATG is geared to providing efficient and high-quality solutions with the right mix of tires”, explains Peter Baur, President ATG Europe.