Alliance 768 Value Plus: “Gets pivot irrigation systems going”


As part of the manufactures portfolio of value segment tires, Alliance (a part of Yokohama Off-Highway Tires) introduces a new tire for pivot irrigation systems: Alliance 768 Value Plus.


It is a completely new tire pattern which has been designed to provide effective grip and traction for constant loads being moved on fixed circular paths under moist or even muddy conditions. Wide spacing of lugs ensures that the excellent self-cleaning characteristics are maintained at all times whilst rounded shoulders provide constant propulsion and protect the crop against damage at the same time. The strong nylon carcass allows for a prolonged and reliable service live.


alliance 768 value plus_30_view


Adverse working environments

Well known in hot and arid regions, pivot irrigation systems have to function reliably under most adverse conditions, i.e. high temperatures and highly intensive sun radiation. At the same time, soil and irrigated crops tend to make for a moist or even muddy working environment. That is why the Alliance 768 Value Plus features a special ozone compound which eliminates premature aging and cracking of the tread. As climate change continues, irrigation systems including pivot irrigation will also increasingly be needed in semi-arid regions, for example. With the brand-new Alliance 768 Value Plus and the three sizes 11.2-24, 14.9-24 and 11.2-38, Alliance offers the perfect tire solution.