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Worldwide News 2020.04.03.

Coronavirus: the Commission mobilises all of its resources to protect lives and livelihoods

Saving lives and supporting livelihoods in these times of acute crisis is paramount. The Commission is further increasing its response by proposing to set up a €100 billion solidarity instrument to help workers keep their incomes and help businesses stay afloat, called SURE. It is also proposing to redirect all available structural funds to the response to the coronavirus.

Worldwide News 2020.04.03.

2019: a record year for EU agri-food trade

2019 proved to be a record year for EU agri-food trade. The export value of agri-food products came to a total of €151.2 billion (rising by 10% from December 2018), while imports accounted for €119.3 billion (an increase of 2.5% compared to 2018), bringing the overall value of trade for the year to €270.5 billion.

Worldwide News 2020.03.31.

BKT and the test of resilience

Lucia Salmaso, CEO BKT Europe: “This situation is trying for all of us, but resilience is one of the fundamental values of our company. This is why we look strongly towards the future, with a deep sense of responsibility”.

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