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Worldwide News 2018.04.24.

BKT displays extensive tire range at INTERMAT 2018

For the first time exhibited in Europe, Portmax PT 93 is starring in Paris along with top-of-the-range products out of the industrial and OTR tire lineups.

Worldwide News 2018.04.23.

BKT at the forefront for sustainable tire manufacturing

BKT enters into a Research and Development Agreement with Kultevat, Inc. aiming at developing new compounding methods and tire manufacturing technologies based on TKS Rubber as substitute for natural rubber.

Worldwide News 2018.04.23.

Reducing production costs and securing profitability are the top management challenges for Europe’s farmers

The April 2018 “Chart of the Month” published by DLG-Agrifuture Insights, the German Agriculture Society’s knowledge brand and platform for international trend analysis in the agricultural sector, focuses on the management challenges highlighted by farmers in five of the European Union’s leading farming nations – France, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland and United Kingdom.

Worldwide News 2018.04.23.

New role for DLG at the International Rice Congress 2018

DLG partners with IRRI to manage rice exhibition at global rice industry congress and trade fair.

Worldwide News 2018.04.20.

Spring drilling: AEROSEM in constant use

Thanks to the successful integration of precision seed drilling technology into a standard pneumatic seed drill, the Pöttinger AEROSEM offers the highest operational flexibility and is in continuous operation during the spring planting season.

Worldwide News 2018.04.20.

New Holland sets new benchmark in Grape Harvesting performance

How many premium destemmed grapes can be harvested in eight hours? The New Holland Braud 9090X answered this question during an SGS-verified performance test: 197.6 tonnes of destemmed grapes, corresponding to an average performance of nearly 24.7 tonnes of grape per hour. All with an extra-low MOG (Material other than Grape) rate of 1.0% MOG, minimal losses and record low fuel consumption of only 0.99 litres per harvested tonne.

Worldwide News 2018.04.20.

EU-China cooperation on the agenda as Chinese young farmers arrive

The future of EU-China cooperation in the field of agriculture will be the main topic of discussion at the 11th meeting of agriculture representatives from Europe and China on 16-18 April in Brussels. Among the topics under discussion will be the future of both regions’ agricultural policies, agri-food trade and organic farming.

Worldwide News 2018.04.20.

New European Investment Bank loans under Juncker Plan set to mobilise €1 billion in investment for agriculture and bio-economy sectors

New financing initiative targets investments by private cooperatives and companies in the agriculture sector. The EIB financing amounts to €400m and is expected to back close to €1bn of investment across Europe. Agreement is guaranteed by the Juncker Plan's European Fund for Strategic Investments.

Worldwide News 2018.04.20.

Simpler use of EU funds: Council confirms deal with Parliament

The EU is simplifying the rules on using money from the EU budget. On 19 April 2018, the Council’s Permanent Representatives Committee (Coreper) endorsed an agreement reached with the European Parliament on the so-called Omnibus regulation on EU financial rules. The regulation will amend the existing financial regulation which sets out a general framework for budget management, as well as a series of acts governing EU multiannual programmes in specific fields, including cohesion policy. 

Worldwide News 2018.04.20.

Future of CAP: Equality throughout the chain

We don’t always think about where our food comes from, and if we do we rarely imagine the different steps taken to get to the end product, ready for consumption. Starting as fresh milk from a cow and finishing its journey in a supermarket or a local cheese shop, your cheese has gone through the whole food supply chain before being added to your favourite pasta dish.

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