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Worldwide News 2019.03.18.

Clean and Cost-Effective Exhaust Aftertreatment for Construction Machinery of the Future

  Construction machines need specifically tailored exhaust aftertreatment systems; to meet future stricter NOx emissions standards, appropriate technologies will be required. Development work will center on strategies and products geared to maintaining an optimal exhaust system temperature across all engine operating conditions. Modularity of metallic substrates allow close-coupled catalysts to be more easily integrated in a wide range of construction machines with the same basic engine

Worldwide News 2019.03.18.

CARNADINE – a new, sustainable insecticide

Set to make pest and resistance management easier and more sustainable for farmers, Nufarm’s new insecticide CARNADINE is approved for use on a wide range of crops. The liquid formulation is highly effective against a broad spectrum of pests, including chewing and sucking varieties.

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